indipendent developer

I am an indie developer from Agrigento (Sicily, IT) and I make multi platform video games and applications, 2D\3D multimedia content and audio\video producer.

... basically ...  "From a IT career to my childhood passion... Videogames!

games and apps

a fast tour throught my developed games and applications

theese are my last developed applications and currently released on Google Play Store

Pocket Soccer 2018  get Pocket Soccer 2018 on Google Play play Pocket Soccer 2018 on

Help your little soccer heroes winning epic matches with super powerups.

Tregolis  get tregolis on Google Play

A simple math game inspired by Tetris.

Fidget Spinner  get Fidget Spinner on Google Play

Not only a fidgetspinner. Become an tricks hero!

Waky Driver  get Waky Driver on Google Play get Waky Driver for Mac from get Waky Driver for Win from

Action driving game. Tricky, speedy and funny!

here you can find also a full list of my developed applications


all my crazy experiments and tools I use

prototyping is how I spend most of my developer time, this way I can test new stuff, new techniques, new tools... and I think that often results are very interesting

Bob project

Endless Runner

3D platformer

go to my YouTube channel and find more about my prototypes 

I am a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) big fan and user, for all my projects !

3D tools

Blender 3D

2D tools


audio tools



Godot engine

3D lab

some of my 3D models renderings

having fun making 2D and 3D graphics is the way I make "dresses" for my projects, some times results are good and inspirationals, here there are some of them

go to my SketchFab page and see them live in 3D world 

don't forget to check also my social networks !

my story

a brief introduction on my career

below is my career very very short summary, although, if you are interested, you can check also my full Curriculum Vitae on my Linkedin profile

till today (2022)

indipendent developer

I was always attracted by programming, I was always in love with creativity, so whren I realized that game engines and frameworks has become a lot more user friendly... some crazy stuff appened :)

2005 - 2010

IT multi service specialist

I owned my little IT service company

2000 -2005

System Administrator

worked for some call center as sys admin

also worked for IBM for server cluster managing into a government building


the Commodore Vic=20 

here is where all things started
> the Vic=20
> 2 games (omega race and avenger)
> the big volume "An introduction to basic - part1"

later replaced by a Thoshiba HX-1 MSX system
then upgraded to MSX2
then jumped to PC era

some funny stats

about how many multimedia crazy things I released


YouTube videos

I made video not only for my channel. Production for RicettePerPassione.
Music mixing and overdub for PaniCaMusica



I am also a musicist so I like to compose and produce songs and music, mostly used now in my videos and apps.
Check my socials and SoundCloud


art concepts

drawing is my childhood passion so I always tried to enhance my skills making 3D and 2D art concetps, mostly used for my projects



from 1984 I always tryed to develop my apps, my first very important was for primary school exams, I was 12 years old


keep in touch following me on social networks

I like to share most of my contents on social networks such as graphics, short videos, previews... and so on.

On my YouTube channel I often share long gameplays or teasers so there you can really see a lot of my work in action!

Check also my SoundCloud page and listen to my soundtracks

social networks today are very important also to get feedback so ...
don't forget to follow me and to subscribe to my youtube channel !

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